Dear Colleagues,

At ExternshipUSA, our mission is to work with our physician clients, especially International Medical Graduates (IMG), to achieve their professional goals in the United States of America, such as attainment of residency and subsequent qualification for medical practice in the US. Most important, we offer clinical experience such as Observership and Externship in a variety of specialties and practice settings. We greatly appreciate your interest in our services and look forward to the prospect of our collaboration in accomplishment of this challenging undertaking.

Whether your professional goals are of primary care or of specialty medicine, and whether your aim for professional practice in clinical medicine or in medical science or academia, we shall do our utmost to provide you the experience that you seek. You may choose from among rotations in general medicine or in a subspecialty, and may elect to concentrate on outpatient medicine or on the hospital setting.

Residency is a fundamental and indispensable part of American medical training and qualification for medical practice. In many aspects it differs substantially from corresponding foreign training. Before a foreign medical graduate embarks on this crucial experience, he would be well served to become familiar with both the general and practical aspects of it.          Read More

In addition to clinical rotations, we offer assistance with preparation of residency documents, including Curriculum Vitae and Personal Statement, practical counseling on relocation to the United States, interview counseling and other services relevant to IMGs who are embarking on a medical career in the USA.